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Events 1961

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Events 1961




1961-02-00; Germany, Timmensdorfer


Category: UFO Crash


While stationed at NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe, Robert O. Dean, retired Army command sergeant major, had cosmic clearance to the NATO document "Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe." He secretly recorded notes on this classified material, in particular the autopsy of the aliens captured at Timmensdorfer. Upon retirement, he presented his findings to the public and is actively trying to gain public access to this NATO document.


Subject: An Interview with Robert O. Dean

by A.J.S. Rayl.


The appendix that really got to me was titled 'Autopsies.' I saw pictures of a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer, Germany, near the Baltic Sea in 1961. The British Army, according to the report, got there first and put up a perimeter. The craft had landed in very soft, loamy soil near the Russian border and so hadn't destructed, but one-third of it was buried in. We and the Russians, who also quickly showed up, had both tracked it.


Inside, there were 12 small bodies, all dead. There were pictures of the bodies, which looked like the beings known as the 'grays,' being laid out and then put on stretchers and loaded into jeeps, and autopsy photos, too. Some of the little grays appeared to not be a reproductive-capable species. The autopsy guys concluded, according to the report, that it looked as if they had been cut out of a cookie cutter--clones with no alimentary tract. They did not ingest or process food as we know it, nor did it appear that they had any system for elimination.


The craft itself was cut up like a pie into six pieces, put on lowboys and hauled off. Scuttlebutt was that it was given to the Americans and flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. I looked at these pictures and couldn't believe it. My skin got cold and I thought, My God. I had never really believed we were all alone in the universe, but this was hard to swallow.



"Inside the Military UFO Underground",Vol. 16, No. 7, April 1994, pp. 48-59



1961-02-24; Earth Orbit, Soviet Capsule


Category: Astronaut Sighting


The Soviet Union launched a seven day orbital mission with two cosmonauts, one man and one woman. On February 24, the mission went awry when their space capsule began to malfunction, losing lights and air. Later, during their attempts to repair their craft, a curious conversation was recorded. "I'll take it and hold it with my right hand. Look out the peephole! I have it!," the female cosmonaut said. The male replied, "There is something! If we do not get out the world will never know about this!" The pair were never heard from again.


(Due to Russian secrecy about early space flights, it is virtually impossible to pin down who the two Cosmonauts were, but one was likely Gennady Mikhailov; the other might have been V Zavadovskiy.)







1961-04-28; USSR, Lake Onega


Category: UFO Crash


1961 28 April. 2am. Lake Onega USSR nr Finland


On 27 April 1961 a group of hunters watched the very close approach of a UFO during the early morning; the sighting was of a near crash landing. The object was egg-shaped and approximately the size of a commercial aircraft and was traveling very low and very fast towards an inlet of lake Onega in the Soviet Union. It came in so low that it struck the ground, making a tremendous noise and causing considerable damage before regaining forward motion and disappearing from sight. Apart from the impact noise there was no sound associated with the sighting.


The collision had created three gouges into the vegetation and rock surface and there were a number of traces left from the impacts. There was something like a green ice which analysis indicated contained such elements as aluminum, calcium, barium, etc. although there was also an unknown organic compound. There were metallic-like particles which were very resistant to temperature and acid, and were not radioactive, and there were thin foil-like substances of great durable strength.


Major Anton Kopeikin, an engineer of the Soviet Army, was in command of the military side of the recovery and investigation and it was he who subsequently sent all of the recovered material to the Leningrad Technological Institute for study.



"The UFO Encyclopedia" - John Spencer





1961-06-09; UK, nr. Woodbridge AFB


Category: UFO Crash


In his excellent book Bawdsey, Birth of a Beam, Gordon Kinsey tells of an incident that happened near Woodbridge on 9 June 1961. RAF Bentwaters were alerted when one of the airmen reported seeing an aircraft come down in the area. The incident sparked off one of the biggest searches by military and civilian personnel for many years, but the mystery craft was never found or so it was reported. Apparently, it caused quite a stir among the Bawdsey radar operators who confirmed they had no radar tracking of the object. I asked Gordon if the incident had been reported in the local press, but he doubted it.



"You Can't Tell the People" - Georgina Bruni





1961-09-19; New Hampshire, Portsmouth


Category: Abduction


One of the first people to claim to of been abducted by Aliens, apart from the famous 'contactees' of the 40s and 50s, was actually a couple. (This is most unusual as most abductions tend to be of one person). The couple were Betty and Barney Hill.


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