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Events 1959

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Events 1959



1959-00-00; Italy, North of Rome


Category: UFO Crash


As for the four entity retrievals, they are all just rumors and refer to: a little green man capture in Puglia in 1910/15; six aliens capture by the Italian Army north of Rome in 1959; an undated capture by the Fire Brigade in Veneto; and an alleged autopsy of alien bodies in a USAF base near Savona, following a UFO shot down in 1974.







1959-01-21; Poland, Gdynia


Category: UFO Crash


1959 - Frdynia, Poland

An object was reported to have fallen into the harbor. Divers recovered pieces of shiny metal, which was examined by the Polytechnic Institute and Polish Navy. Some material was reportedly lost. Several days later a small humanoid was found on a nearby beach; its remains were sent to the Soviet Union.


On 21 January 1959, in Gdynia, a bright, shining body crashed into the harbour basin. One and possibly two EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), were found and recovered by soldiers of the Border Guard or the Navy. These were next transported under tight security to the Soviet Union, where they remain to this day.




That event, which the world's ufological literature compares to the famous American Roswell incident took its place on Jan. 21st, 1959 in Gdynia, at 06:00 hrs. In that day something strange plunged into waters of the Gdynia harbor. A big fiery ball felt into water with terrible noise. A bottom of the harbor basin was searched by divers in the next week. They discovered only some cannon shells or bomb splinters and nothing more. The legend of that event says that there was an EBE discovered by soldiers or police officers nearby the impact area. Some relations and reports say that there were two humanoid-like EBEs. One of them was discovered at the Harbormaster Office of the Polish Navy Base in Gdynia, and another on the town's beach. The both humanoids were transported to the Navy Hospital in Gdynia and next they have been delivered to the Soviet Union either by the KGB or GRU officials. My sister Ms. Wiktoria Le?niakiewicz gave an explanation that it had been the 3rd stage of the Soviet space rocket, which had not gotten the orbit and drop down to the Gdynia harbor waters. The capsule with two monkeys was destroying in the atmosphere and one monkey dropped into Zatoka Gda?ska bay and another got outside the capsule in the harbor basin. In the same day Soviets brought remains of the capsule secretly and got them to the Soviet Union. However, there is still possible, that it was the real UFO.







1959-09-17; Netherlands, Wormer (nr Amsterdam)


Category: UFO Crash


Star shaped hole, 18" dia.







1959-12-00; USA, Michigan, Pontiac


Category: Spontaneous Human Combustion


Billy Peterson was found dead in the front seat of his car in Pontiac, Michigan. Suicide was assumed when it was discovered that the exhaust pipe had been bent into the front seat. This did nothing to explain the third-degree burns on the victim's back, legs and arms - nor could it explain why neither his clothing nor the front seat was damaged.


There was no mention of burns on the death certificate and the cause was listed as carbon monoxide poisoning.


Newsletter Article: The Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion




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