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Events 1954

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Events 1954




1954-02-04; USA, Texas, Carswell AFB (Ft. Worth)


Category: UFO Sighting


A famous and well documented sighting took place at 2300 hours on the 4th of February 1954 in full view of the control tower personnel. The object passed directly over the Carswell tower at 3-4,000 feet, and was described as having a long fuselage, elliptical wings and a stabilizer, but with no visible means of propulsion. No sound could be detected. The aircraft had a very bright light in the nose and tail, and two yellowish lights on the bottom. Subsequent investigations revealed that no local aircraft were responsible, and that there was no unusual activity that could contribute to the sighting. The witnesses were described as 'completely reliable'.





1954-04-00; USA, New York, Mattydale


Category: UFO Crash


Spring 1954 - Mattydale, NY


In this suburb of Syracuse, at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, an information specialist and his wife saw a 20-foot-wide object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later, police denied the whole incident ever took place.







1954-06-29; Canada, Quebec, Seven Islands


Category: UFO Sighting


Occurred near Seven Islands, Quebec, just after sunset on 6/29/54. A BOAC Stratocruiser, bound from New York to London with 51 passengers, was followed for 18 minutes (about 80 miles of airpath) by one large object and six smaller objects that flew curious "formations" about it. The pilot of the Stratocruiser was Capt. James Howard, a highly respected BOAC flight officer still flying with BOAC. At the time, he had 7500 flight hours. About 20 witnesses, including both passengers and crew, gave statements as to the unprecedented nature of these objects.


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