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Events 1953

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Events 1953




1953-04-18; USA, Arizona, SW


Category: UFO Crash


No information at this time.




1953-05-20; USA, Arizona, Kingman


Category: UFO Crash


A USAF veteran claims to have participated in the recovery of a crashed aluminum-like disc impacted 20 inches into the earth. It was oval, 32 feet wide. Inside were two swivel chairs, an oval cabin and numerous instruments. One 4 foot tall occupant was recovered, dead. It was a dark brown complexion and wore a silvery metal suit with no helmet. The witness affidavit was released by respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.


Document: More information




1953-05-20; USA, Utah, (Western)


Category: UFO Crash


According to various sources, a large craft of several hundred feet diameter crash landed in the area, clipping the top of a hillside and leaving a gouge in the valley floor before coming to rest.


There are also reports that some of the ET's survived the crash and have taken refuge in the area, where there have been numerous sightings of ET's on the ground.


This incident appears to be related to the Kingman crash on the same date.







1953-06-00; USA, Louisiana, Fort Polk


Category: UFO Crash


No info at this time.





1953-06-19; USA, Texas, Laredo


Category: UFO Crash


4 bodies recovered







1953-07-10; South Africa, Johannesburg


Category: UFO Crash


5 Bodies







1953-10-13; USA, Montana, Dutton


Category: UFO Crash


1953 - Brady, Montana


Mr. C.M. Tenney, returning from Great Falls to Conrad, saw an oval object that followed his car while balls of fire fell all over the road.


Later that day he was phoned by a colonel from Malmstrom AFB who asked him to come to the base at 10 a.m. the next day. He was escorted to a windowless room inside a fenced-off compound and asked to sign a statement.


While doing so, he says he saw two men carrying large laundry bags containing humanoid bodies.


4 Bodies


Sources: (bad link)





1953-11-23; USA, Michigan, Sault Sainte Marie (Lake Superior)


Category: UFO Sighting


1953, November 23rd, an F-89 piloted by Lt. Felix Moncla Jr., with radar operator R.R. Wilson, disappears while chasing a UFO over Lake Superior.


Document: Lake Superior Incident

Web Link:





1953-12-24; USA, California, El Cajon


Category: UFO Crash


Dec. 24, 1953; El Cajon, California. 8:04 a.m. Witnesses: U.S. Navy Lts. J.B. Howard and L.D. Linhard, flying F9F-2 jet fighters. Ten silver, oval objects flew at more than 400 kts. (450 m.p.h.), straight and level, for 5 minutes.



1953-12-28; USA, California, Marysville


Category: UFO Crash


Dec. 28, 1953; Marysville, California. 11:55 a.m. Witness: Yuba County Airport Manager Dick Brandt. One saucer, with a brilliant blue light, reflecting on a nearby building, hovered briefly during the 1.5 minute observation.




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