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Aztec, New Mexico Feb 1948

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Aztec, New Mexico Feb 1948


An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near Aztec New Mexico February 13, 1948 - Aztec, New Mexico - Three radar units tracked a falling UFO. Secretary of State George C. Marshall requested a search party be dispatched from Camp Hale in Colorado. A helicopter team found a crashed 30-foot disc 12 miles northeast of Aztec and recovered 2-12 badly burned humanoids. The disc is stored in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio.


This report was confirmed by ex-CIA agent Virgil Armstrong as authentic. Interviews with Armstrong on the subject can be found in several UFO documentaries. Much of the information about this case is sketchy, at best, including the precise date, though all sources seem to agree on 1948. Armstrong is well known for his statements that US intelligence had determined that Hitler possessed flying saucer technology as well as working saucers for warfare, some equipt with laser weaponry. Had the war continued, allied forces might have encountered these advanced weapons systems and probably met defeat by the Nazis. It remains uncertain just how much saucer technology was gleaned from the 'brain drain' of Nazi scientists by the US during and after the war.


There seems to be several date confusion on this case, since another case is sometimes listed at the same date and not far away, and since this case is sometimes listed with a different date, April 12. These might be other cases.


There is at least one video recorded testimony about the crash, here is the video interview of Captain Virgil Armstrong of the US Army, mentioning the crash and subsequent recovery of dead alien bodies possibly related to one of the alleged Aztec UFO crashes.



Event: 1948-02-13; USA, New Mexico, Aztec





Document: Aztec, New Mexico Mar 1948



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