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Circleville, Ohio 1948

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Circleville, Ohio 1948


Mr. B. Stevenson observed a glowing orange disc, 60ft in diameter and 12ft thick, hover over his farm. He was attracted to the object by the sudden fright his animals exhibited. Mr. Bruce Stevenson sighted a large saucer shaped craft hover low to the ground. The craft emitted a high-intensity orange light before ascending into the night sky. Mr. Stevenson reported the sighting to the local police who had no explanation.


February 1948 - A Classic American 40's UFO Encounter


The following is an account described in the Circleville Herald March 1957 about his sighting which is considered a very historical event by ufologists.


After keeping his own story within his circle of friends and relatives for several years 'because nobody in those days seemed ot consider flying saucers anything but jokes', Stevenson revealed full details of his experience to the Herald in 1952. That was the year of the big wave of UFO sightings, including Washington, D.C. overflights in July. Bruce's story led to widespread discussion here on the subject of 'saucers', and also attracted a fair amount of good natured kidding.


He felt so deeply on the subject that he still offered to "...swear on the Bible that I saw what I say I did." He felt this way: "They can believe whatever they want to believe, and I know what I saw on my farm that night."


"That night" happened to be a bitterly cold one in February 1948. Glancing out a window while taking a drink of water about 2 a.m., Stevenson noted a bright glow all over the vicinity of his farm buildings and hurried outside expecting to find them afire. Instead, he relates, he saw a large "flying saucer" gliding very slowly over the vicinity of his hog house and tool barn. "It was so close to the roof of the tool house that I was afraid it was going to knock off the forge flue." Stevenson said. "From where I watched it, it moved without a sound along the roof of the tool house. I'd say I was only about 100 feet from it. The moon was very bright and the ground was covered with snow, making it seem all the brighter." Standing in the Herald's front office one day recalling his memorable night, Stevenson said it seemed as though the 'saucer' was only about as far away as the balcony on the Elk's building directly accross Court St.


Stevenson has told his story many times over since he first unfolded it for the public in the Herald. He says he remembers very clearly how:


(a) the strange disc maintained its very slow speed and low altitude until it faded from sight far off to the farmer's left, while he stood in frank amazement, too startled in the brief interval to run and awaken other members of the household.


(b) the dazzling orange-amber glow which originally attracted his attention was suddenly reduced to a dull amber glow inside the dome of the saucer just a moment after he came outside and began watching the eerie visitor.


(c) the whole object was shaped much like a broad dinner plate turned upside down, with a deep sauce dish or cup - also inverted - as its dome.


(d) the dome was of something that looked like plexiglass and the broad edge - which was pretty wide - was of shiny silver, blinking or flashing all around the edge as though a silent propeller or something was whirling.


(e) the diameter of the base of the saucer looked about 60 feet, the silver edge about 12 feet wide, and the dome about eight feet, rising pretty steep from the shiny silver part.


(f) the position of the saucer did not permit a view of the under-section.


(g) a wide silvery brim section had little holes of some kind along the edge.


(h) and lastly, how within a mile or two of the Stevenson farm, there have been apparently authentic reports or saucers or strange lights in the sky at least twice since Stevenson had the experience "I'll never forget as long as I live".



Event: 1948-02-01; USA, Ohio, Circleville



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