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Events 1941

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Events 1941



1941-00-00; Mexico, Sonoran desert


Category: UFO Crash


This recovery was accomplished by a team from Navy Intelligence, which was at the time the premier US intelligence agency in terms of scientific background.


One member of the team, unable any longer to contain the vast import of what had been discovered, brought home to share with his immediate family a sheaf of 8 by 10 inch glossy prints showing the UFO. One of the prints showed his friend holding by the wrists one of several dead bodies they had recovered. I was present during the hypnosis session wherein a member of the family was able to clearly recover the images of the photographs seen.




1941-00-00; USA, California, San Diego


Category: UFO Crash


According to alleged MJ-12 scientist Dr. Michael Wolf in a conversation with Richard Boylan, PhD


"The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego, and was retrieved by the Navy."


"The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since."


It should be noted that Dr. Wolf was not interested in joining CSETI's Witness Pool, which would have involved signing a statement that he would be prepared to testify under oath and under penality of perjury before Congress.







1941-03-00; USA, Missouri, Cape Girardeau


Category: UFO Crash


A Virginia man is investigating the possibility that a UFO crashed near Cape Girardeau in 1941. "That would be six years before Roswell," said James Westwood of Centreville, Va., referring to the 1947 incident in which the government allegedly recovered and then covered up a UFO crash in New Mexico. "That would put Cape Girardeau County on the UFO map." he said.



UFO - Crash at Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941
Local UFO probe Researcher seeks answers to report of crash in 1941


Filer's Files #48 (Source) (References - Filer's Files #48)




1941-06-01; USA, Michigan, Ludington


Category: UFO Sighting


Occurred : 6/1/1941 13:00 (Entered as : 06/01/1941 13:00)

Reported: 10/2/2003 12:44:38 PM 12:44

Posted: 10/7/2003

Location: Ludington (Hamlin Lake), MI

Shape: Disk

Duration:30 seconds

As a boy some 60 plus years ago I saw a round silver disc in the sky when I looked up from playing with ant hills.


Im mow age 67 but I can recall the sighting as if it were yesterday for some reason. And that I think is the most amazing thing. I was a little boy about age 5 & playing with ant hills in the dirt road (it was dead-end here) when I looked to the West & saw coming toward me a round silver like disk about 500 to 1000 feet above Hamlin Lake. It yhen stopped & reversed course and went toward Manistee, Mi.


((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))







1941-07-04; Oceania, Tinian Island


Category: UFO Crash


From: Michael Christol <>


My source said his father flew B-29's out of Tinian and they saw "bogies" all the time. It was apparently there that one of these things crashed and was recovered...............


..... I was told the object came down on July 4, 1941. That is all I know about it. I am hoping someone can find information leading to this alleged crash........


....... I can't tell you exactly where the object came down, but it was close to Tinian island.









1941-08-00; USA, California, San Jose


Category: UFO Sighting


Cameraman Michael Conversa photographed 13 star-like objects near the position of the moon.


Research Topic: - The Moon




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