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Events 1933

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Events 1933



1933-00-00; Brazil, Ubatuba


Category: UFO Sighting


1933 or 1934 - Ubatuba, Brazil

Witnesses on a beach are said to have seen a disc dive and explode, showering the area with silvery fragments of highly pure magnesium.



1933-00-00; Italy


Category: UFO Crash


No data at this time





1933-00-00; USA, Pennsylvania, Chrysville


Category: UFO Sighting


Summer, 1933 Chrysville (Pennsylvania). A man observed a faint Morning violet light in a field between this town and Morrestown. Walking to it, he found an ovoid object 3 m in diameter and 2 m thick with a circular opening similar to a vault door. Pushing it, he found the room full of violet light and observed many instruments, no occupant. Smell of ammonia. (APRO Jul., 64)




1933-08-00; USSR, Kranye Chetay


Category: unknown category


The boy, V.N. Bronyukov, and his friends looked up from their play to see a star move across the day-time sky. It moved at a quick pace changing heading to the northwest. The children watched the craft for about 10 minutes before telling their parents.






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