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Events 1923

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Events 1923



1923-00-00; Pakistan, Quetta


Category: UFO Crash


A UFO explodes in mid-air over Quetta, Pakistan. Flaming debris rains down, destroying a few buildings. The fire lasts for hours, leaving only melted slag and "thin wires."







1923-05-00; USA, Illinois, McLeansboro


Category: UFO Sighting


The December 1995 issue of "UFO Newsclipping Service" contained an interesting story by Ms. Esther Fay Hungate of McLeansboro, Illinois. Ms. Hungate saw her first--and only--UFO as a nine-year-old girl...way back in 1923!


Here's Mrs. Hungate's story in her own words:


"We moved to Benton (Illinois) in 1923...Everett (her twin brother) and I went to the Webster School in the fourth grade. (Older brother) Logan was a freshman at BTHS."


"One evening after supper (May 1923) we went out in front of our house to play, when we noticed something like a small cloud in the cloudless sky, looking away and then back again. The cloud was getting closer, and I said, 'There's something in the sky.'"


"My twin ran around the house to hide from it--but me, I wanted to see what the flying object would do. I was curious. It was coming from the north, not very high in the sky. It slowed down like a top and flew low around the old fairground, then came back by the Grant School west to the electrical poles, stopping before crossing the railroad tracks. It came to a stop about the height of the treetops, when the lights came on around the bottom edge--red, blue, green and ecru."


"The ecru light or spotlight was very bright. I put my hands over my closed eyes. It seemed like a few minutes before the spotlight was turned off. When I looked, it had moved nearer the electric poles. Then it rose up high in the sky, then began to descend slowly until it landed across the railroad tracks."


"It was about as high as a Phone pole when the bottom moved, and four lights came on, then a pillar of light came out of it. I looked away a minute and, when I looked back to it, it was gone. No one believed me, and it was years before I saw in the Sunday paper (June 1947) a picture of a UFO, and then I knew the mystery object I had seen was a UFO."


"I have not seen another one since."


All in all, this sounds like a typical close encounter of the first kind. However, please note that Ms. Hungate was one of a pair of twins. Perhaps the UFO crew was intrigued by the sight of identical human children, one male, one female.


Source: UFO Roundup V1-2 1996





1923-07-00; USSR, Sosnovka


Category: UFO Sighting


Sailing to his village, via steamship along the Vyatka River, comrade M. Volosnikov noticed that an object was trailing his boat. The body resembled a flying crescent moon that flew on a set course for approximately three minutes in the dawn sky. Veering to the right, the craft disappeared from view. Finding that several others had witnessed the same mysterious object, they discussed the possibility of it being an "evil spirit."






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