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Events 1908

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Events 1908




1908-06-30; USSR, Siberia


Category: Explosion


A mysterious explosion rocked the Jenissei portion of the Siberian forest. People living in the area observed a huge fireball that rose up high in the sky. Russian scientist Kazantsev researched what he described as the Tunguska blast, going so far as trailblazing through the area in search of an impact crater that was never found. Trees in the area, though, were knocked to the ground from an epicenter which, unlike normal blasts, was more elliptical than spherical, following the original object's trajectory. The witnesses who observed the fireball later succumbed to a deadly sickness very much resembling radiation poisoning.


Many theories have been suggested as to what caused the blast.


Most prevalent among those have been microscopic black hole impact with the Earth, collision with a comet and a nuclear powered extraterrestrial vehicle losing control and crashing.


Document: Tunguska meteor impact 1908




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