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Events 1907

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Events 1907



1907-00-00; Switzerland, Basel


Category: UFO Sighting


M. Giraudon observed and photographed a huge round sphere of light at ground level in broad daylight in the Zoological Gardens at Basel. At that time it was called a psychic sphere. The photograph shows the brilliance of the object illuminating everything around it.






1907-00-00; UK


Mr. David Packer observed a strange luminous body in the daylight sky and managed to get a photograph of it.







1907-07-03; USA, Vermont, Burlington


Category: UFO Crash


The mid-air explosion of a UFO over Burlington, Vermont, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, is one of the strangest incidents of "the Airship Era" in ufology.




hmtoggle_plus1UFO RoundUp Article





"A forerunner to one of the heavy and frequent thunderstorms that have characterized the early summer in this vicinity startled Burlingtonians yesterday just before noon. Without any preliminary disturbance of the atmosphere, there was a sharp report, the like of which is seldom heard. It was much louder in the business portion of the city than elsewhere, and particularly in the vicinity of Church and College Streets. People rushed to the street or to windows to learn what had happened, and when a horse was seen flat in the street in front of the Standard Coal and Ice Company's office, it was the general impression that the animal had been struck by lightning and killed. This theory was not long entertained, as the horse was soon struggling to regain his feet."


"Ex-Governor Woodbury and Bishop Michau weree standing on the corner of Church and College Streets in conversation when the report startled them. In talking with a Free Press man later in the day, Governor Woodbury said his first thought was that an explosion had occurred somewhere in the immediate vicinity, and he turned, expecting to see bricks flying thru the air. Bishop Michaud was facing the east and saw a ball of fire rushing through the air, apparently just east of the National Biscuit Company's building. Alvaro Adsit also saw the ball of fire, as did a young man who was looking out of a window in the Strong Theater Building. Another man with a vivid imagination declared that the ball struck the center of College Street near the Standard Coal and Ice Company's office, knocked the horse down by the jar (concussion--J.T.) and then bounded up again to some undefined point in the sky."


"The unusual disturbance was followed in a few minutes by a downpour of rain, which continued, with brief interruption, for nearly two hours." (See the Burlington, Vt. Free Press for June 3, 1907, "Saw Ball of Fire," page 7.)


UFO RoundUp

Vol 5

Number 27

July 6, 2000


Editor: Joseph Trainor



1907-07-27; Norway, Drobak


Category: UFO Photo




A large dark lens shaped object was seen and photographed over the harbor anchorage where two Clipper type sailing ships are seen at anchor below it. The shadow of the object on the water is wider than the length of the ships.




Debunked? Hoax?


Drobak, Norway 27th July 1907. A large dark lens shaped object was seen and photographed over the harbor anchorage where two Clipper type sailing ships are seen at anchor below it. Picture Source


Sometimes described as the world's oldest UFO photograph. On this clearer version below one can see it is just a cloud. (Source :Giuseppe Stilo and Edoardo Russo (both of Italy) managed to trace the picture to "Franco Bandini: La Domenica del Corriere" published 20. March 1967.)(Thanks to Ole Jonny Brænne)






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